September 30: Bruce Springsteen released Nebraska in 1982


They declared me unfit to live, said into that great void my soul be hurled. 
They wanted to know why I did what I did; 
Well sir, I guess there’s just a meanness in this world.



“The fact that you didn’t intend to release it makes it the most intimate record you’ll ever do. This is an absolutely legitimate piece of art.” Steven Van Zandt

“I felt that it was my best writing. I felt I was getting better as a writer. I was learning things. I was certainly taking a hard look at everything around me.”
Bruce Springsteen

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Unreleased – The Losin’ Kind

I really love this album. I did not buy it in 1982 I got it a few years later, I listened to it at the record store when it was released, but it didn’t impress me. I couldn’t connect to it musically or lyrically. It is not an album that imidiately catches your attention, it needs to be listened to, properly.

When I did that I became very impressed!

Some facts (from Wikipedia):

Released September 30, 1982
Recorded Mostly January 3, 1982 at Springsteen’s Colts Neck, New Jersey bedroom
Genre Americana, folk rock, folk
Length 40:50
Label Columbia
Producer Bruce Springsteen

Nebraska is the sixth studio album by Bruce Springsteen, released in 1982 on Columbia Records.

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September 30: Bob Dylan recorded “Anyway You Want Me” @ Sony Music Studios in 1994


Dylan returns to Sony Studios in New York, with Don Was producing, to cut three songs for a possible Elvis Presley tribute CD. The versions of “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” & “Money Honey” are fairly nondescript. However the final vocal take of “Anyway You Want Me (Is How I Will Be)” is really quite spectacular, Dylan delivering one of his most convincing vocals in years.
~Clinton Heylin (Bob Dylan: A Life in Stolen Moments Day by Day: 1941-1995)

A real gem this one…


Sony Music Studios
New York City, New York
30 September 1994

Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) backed by unidentified musicians.

All audio ar grooveshark embed’s.. they might not work for Ipad’s or iphone. I’ve included a link below that will take you to an HTML5 version of the best song among these 3: “Anyway You Want Me”.

  1. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price)
  2. Money Honey (Jesse Stone)
  3. Anyway You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be) (Schroeder/Owens)

HTML5 / pad’s/ mobile -> Try this link

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