10 Year anniversary: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was Wilco’s fourth album. The album was completed in 2001, but Reprise Records, a Warner Music Group label, refused to release it.
Wilco was offered to buy the rights to the album when they left the label.

In September 2001, Wilco streamed the entire album for free on their website. Wilco signed with Nonesuch Records (another Warner label!) in November of that year, and the album was officially released 23 of April, 2002.

My favourite Wilco album is Summerteeth, but this one is right up there, it is a masterpiece.

Here are live versions of all the songs on the album:

I am trying to break your heart, Lowlands 2009:

Kamera, Rock am Ring, Germany 2002:

Radio Cure, from bonus the material on the dvd, I am trying to break your heart:

War on War, Letterman 2001:

Jesus, Etc., Lowlands 2009:

Ashes of American flags, austin City limits, 2005:

Heavy Metal Drummer, Rockpalast, Germany, 2011:

I’m the man who loves you, on the TV-show, Later with Jools 2001:

Pot Kettle Black, live at Stubbs, 2010:

Poor Places, Rockpalast 2011:

Reservations, Rockpalast, Germany 2002:

– Hallgeir

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