8. The Damn Quails – Down The Hatch

A young band with old souls, The Damn Quails consists of  singer/songwriters Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White. Down the hatch is their debut album, and what a great debut it is!
They’ve had a standing gig Monday nights at The Deli in Norman with shows backed by a rotating group of musicians referred to as the Quail Philharmonic. The songs on this debut have all been honed and crafted through numerous live performances, and you can tell. This is solid songwriting and musicianship.It’s kinda country, but also heartland rock and soulful west coast country/rock. One of the best debuts in recent years.

“Midnight Swagger” really has to be one of the greatest party-songs this year.

Egil’s chosen tracks: Midnight Swagger, Fool’s Gold, So So Long
Hallgeir’s chosen tracks: Through the fire, Iceman, Down

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