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Photo Special: Anna Ternheim Live (haugesund, norway, 26th january 2012)

Anna Ternheim has been to Nashville,and thank God for that! The Country influence has done tremendous things for her songs and for her overall sound. She sings in a fleeting, naked but clear way, the music has been given more air, more space. It suits her singing very well.
I was expecting a fragile woman, but she is far from that. She comes across strong and eager, but with a certain charm. Her latest and best album has in many ways changed, and more precisely defined her.

Maybe It is not a country music, but it’s a breezy americana and the help she got from her American collaborators shines through, even in her live performance.

Dave Ferguson was with her in Haugesund and what a fine companion to have, his voice fills out the songs and he has a fine humour. They obviously have a good time at it comes across in their performance. He also sang a wonderful Jack Clement song (sadly I didn’t catch the title)

Highlights: The Longer the waiting (the sweeter the kiss), Walking Aimlessly and Bow your head

Audience: 350 (ish…)

It was a fine evening from an artist that is beginning to find her form. It’ll be exciting to follow her career the next years.

I’m sorry that the pictures didn’t get any better, it is hard to get good shots with a compact camera in such a dark setting.

- Hallgeir

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One Comment

  1. I don’t know Anna at all but I have to say that her music was formed very young in her life…Some of her older songs are really very good.I don’t think her form has changed changed at all considering some of her older songs have a common soul as many of her newer stuff.I think it is safe to say that what your referring to is actually a wiser more experienced musician who is very intelligent and melodically talented performer with strong guitar and song writing skills with a very beautiful voice who is merely maturing in her music which is essential for any musician to maintain there careers now and in the future.I love annas music and really dig her genuinely emmotional driven and artistic music and stage presence respectively…and above and beyond that I love Anna herself who undoubtedly is a kind and sweet person,I can tell she is a genuine and good person….Anna your great…love your biggest fan!!!!