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Bergenfest: Patti Smith concert

BandPatti Smith & Her Band
When - WhereSaturday - June 23, 18:30 - Plenen
Concert reviewPatti came smiling on stage.. and she kept her smile all the concert through. It suited her. Before song number 6 (Beneath The Southern Cross) she asked the audience "Is everybody good?".. and said: "I Feel GREAT" - and she obviously meant it. The band opened with "Dancing Barefoot".. and I immediately knew that this would be a concert for the books (at least JV's books). FANTASTIC, tight band, charismatic shaman upfront dressed in black.. radiating loads of positive energy. Introducing "Ghost Dance" she urged us to remember loved ones that's passed away.. "We shall live again, shake out the ghost dance". There were a lot of feelings in the air and tears pressing on. Later introducing "Peaceable Kingdom" she honored the dead (and not at least the living) victims of the july 22 massacre, tears again.. this time self control failed. Her "Peaceable Kingdom" (a song both JV's only had a remote relation to) was soo beautiful.. spellbinding. -- "Why must we hide all these feelings inside?"-- Then came a song everbody was waithing for ... "Jesus died for somebody's sins.... but NOT mine" - Gloria. Everybody was singing/shouting/dancing.. What a fantastic concert..
Setlist1. Dancing Barefoot 2. April Fool 3. Free Money 4. Ghost Dance 5. My Blakean Year 6. Beneath The Southern Cross 7. We Three 8. Because The Night 9. Pissing In a River 10. Peaceable Kingdom 11. Gloria 12. Banga
Best songs performedBecause The Night, Gloria, Dancing Barefoot, Peaceable Kingdom
Overall 6/6

We have to include some music… even though it’s not from this concert

Because the Night:

Now please listen:

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-Egil & Hallgeir

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