Video of the day: Blues hand me down by Vintage Trouble

I have not heard much of Vintage Trouble’s music (yet), but I really like this song and video. They sound like a mix of the vintage R’n b of Chuck Berry and Led Zeppelin’s blues rock, thrown in with a bit of Otis Redding and Ike Turner.

Blues Hand me down, official video:

From their website:

Vintage Trouble, based in Los Angeles, is the brainchild of Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar). Combining their love for original soul and rhythm & blues, the two set up a basic home studio in Venice Beach and started crafting the beginnings of Vintage Trouble. Already a friend of both, Rick Barrio Dill (bass) came along and added his shared bass influences and energy into the newly formed project. To make the band complete, Richard Danielson (drums) was recruited not long after to add the authentic and edgy take that was needed on the drums. With these collective energies and inputs in place, a new kind of soul band had been born with unlimited creativity and force.

Blues hand me down, a fine accoustic version:

– Hallgeir

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