Bob Dylan album: “Dylan” was released in 1973

From Wikipedia:

Dylan is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan‘s 13th studio album, released by Columbia Records in November 1973.

Dylan was compiled and issued with little input from Bob Dylan himself, using outtakes drawn from the Self Portrait and New Morningrecording sessions. It followed the artist’s departure from Columbia for Asylum Records, and the much-hyped announcement of his first major tour since 1966. Subsequently, it was seen as a cash-in and even a “revenge” move by Columbia, diluting the Dylan market just two months before the release of Planet Waves, and using two outtakes from the odd and much-derided Self Portrait album. The remaining seven songs are actually New Morning outtakes.

This “Revenge” album from Columbia is Dylan’s second worst album. I only rate “Down in The Groove” (1988) lower.
Only “decent”  song is his take on Jerry Jeff Walker‘s “Mr. Bojangles“.
Here we go…

Other November 19:


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