June 24: Bob Dylan – Desolation Row, Birmingham, England 1998 (Video)

bob dylan birmingham 1998

They’re selling postcards of the hanging
They’re painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
The circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner
They’ve got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
The other is in his pants
And the riot squad they’re restless
They need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight
From Desolation Row

Another great version of “Desoaltion Row”.

NEC Arena
National Exhibition Center
Birmingham, England
24 June 1998


  • Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
  • Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar)
  • Larry Campbell (guitar)
  • Tony Garnier (bass)
  • David Kemper (drums & percussion)

Cinderella, she seems so easy
“It takes one to know one,” she smiles
And puts her hands in her back pockets
Bette Davis style
And in comes Romeo, he’s moaning
“You Belong to Me I Believe”
And someone says, “You’re in the wrong place my friend
You better leave”
And the only sound that’s left
After the ambulances go
Is Cinderella sweeping up
On Desolation Row


Yes, I received your letter yesterday
(About the time the doorknob broke)
When you asked how I was doing
Was that some kind of joke?
All these people that you mention
Yes, I know them, they’re quite lame
I had to rearrange their faces
And give them all another name
Right now I can’t read too good
Don’t send me no more letters, no
Not unless you mail them
From Desolation Row

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  1. I will tell you what happened….I was on the train for several hours today and then you get free wifi…because 3G is hard to get….but anything above a certain amount of data gets blocked…I am home again and everything is just fine….thank god….

  2. have you upgraded all of your videos?
    all of a sudden I can not see them anymore on my ipad which has an older version of iOS and can not be upgraded…I would loose all my dylan albums in the iPod section and all my pictures in it too because I have no pc to back it up…and on my fone the sound is terrible…

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