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Bruce Springsteen concert Bergen – Day2

Here are my votes from the second Bergen concert:

#SongShort review0-6
1Long Walk Home (solo acoustic)Great start again. Crossing my fingers for solo tour.. soon. Lovely singing.5
2We Take Care of Our OwnTight and confident band... they were a bit "looser" yesterday... Had a feeling that there would be no "fuck-ups" (Bruce last night referring to a false start) tonight. Maybe a bit slower than yesterday, but solid as a rock.4
3My Lucky DayInteresting tour Premiere.. from "WOAD". But not a very interesting song... :-) OK played. 3
4Out in the Street top5 on my wishlist for this concert. It always fires me up... great sing-along as well. Fantastic.. 6
5Wrecking Ball"I was raised out of steel here in the swamps of Jersey..." I really like the live versions of this song. A bit weaker than yesterday... but nice & solid.4
6Death to My HometownAs I pointed out in the prev. post... My fav. from the new album.. especially live.. But again I felt he fed us a better version yesterday.. Ha a feeling that the band was somehow playing a bit "safe".. and holding back... 4 (strong)
7My City of RuinsGospel music & band intro. time... And I love gospel-bruce :-) Wonderful performance. ..are we missing anyone tonight?.. it's all right! Wonderful finish.. Rise up.. rise up.. 6
8E Street ShuffleIt was 1973 time... Spirit in the night was rested, and we got The Shuffle. I far prefer Spirit... But a good live version & another (of many) nice surprise...4
9Red Headed WomanNo sign picking tonight... Bruce just looked at the signs and chose. And we got a tour premiere.. Fun lyrics, solid & short performance.4
10Proud MaryBruce do like John Fogerty.... But playing two different Fogerty songs in Bergen (WSTR yesterday).. was a big surprise. A nice one :-) Great song.. and once again the band were tight & solid (a theme for tonight :)4
11FirePointing at a sign from the hotel building near by saying "Bruce, we're on FIRE"...Only played once before on this tour... Good song.. good performance.. but I did not catch a/on fire..4
12This DepressionThis was as close to boring as a Springsteen live performance gets yesterday (and that is still good:-). BUT today was another story. This time w/ full band. He will probably try it again in Sweden... (The song was rehearsed extensively at soundchek during the afternoon)4 (strong)
13Youngstowntop5 wishlist for the concert as well! Slow, thunderous, brilliant.. and with a fantastic Nils guitar solo (nothing less was expeded).6
14Murder IncorporatedA song I don't like that much.... BUT what a GREAT live version... full throttle .. the band & the boss were completely in optimal FLOW at this point.... Fantastic.. again!6
15Johnny 99Hat-trick. top5 wishlist - This was really my day :-) A mindblowing version of J99. Everyone contributing.. and the horns gave it an extra push. 3 optimal live performances in a row (I've never seen that..).. he surely needed a "break" .. 6
16Working on the Highway... No break. but a bit down. Cowboy version of WotH. Strong stuff.5
17Shackled and DrawnAs pointet out in prev. post.. not my song. weak 44 (weak)
18Waitin' on a Sunny Daysame with this one. I felt the band lost a bit energy & went into autopilot.4 (weak)
19You've Got ItWorld premiere! from WoaD. Bruce ran a long intro.. speaking about physics class etc.. fun! But the song itself.. not my cup of tea.4
20Racing in the StreetYES! I got another on my top5 wishlist. (only leaving DOTEOT.. which by the way was no.1). Brillant song, brilliant version with a extensive & lovely Roy solo... 6
21The Rising..same as yesterday: solid but not great version of this much played song.5
22Radio NowhereNot as good as yesterday. The band was still on a bit low energy I felt. (which did not interfere with Racing..being a slow number)4
23Badlands Much like yesterday... great version of Badlands... always a crowd pleaser.6
24We are aliveENCORE start. Great intro by Bruce... a ghost song... Powerful stuff. Way better than I expected.5 (strong)
25Born in the U.S.A.Powerful & solid.. but Bruce's vocal was a bit weaker than yesterday.5 (weak)
26Born To RunPerfect yesterday... almost perfect today again... top5 from the concert again.6
27Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)Lovely surprise. Party time! Lot's of smiles & the band in top form again... .... And your papa says he knows that i don't have any money..... Fantastic.6
28Seven Nights to RockAlways welcomed... always rocking... but not as good as the 2 prev... of course.5
29Dancing in the DarkNo dancing with audience member... much tighter version than yesterday... less "show"... but a bit stronger in my view.5
30Tenth Avenue Freeze-outBruce didn't need water... no "circus" as yesterday.. Big Man was remembered in the same nice way. Perfect...same as yesterday... And the Big Man joined the band...6
31American LandT&S was replaced by American... only appropriate for a second day show. The audience could have been more enthusiastic.. but I had a ball. Party song. 6 (weak)

Hallgeir will update the post later with his comments & pictures.

Me @ the concert taking notes…. while securing my beer :-)


Here is a report from the other half of JV (Hallgeir).

Top 10 songs Bergen day 2:

1. Racing in the Street
2. Youngstown
3. Badlands
4. Born to run
5. Murder Incorporated
6. Rosalita
7. Long Walk Home
8. Johnny 99
9. Out in the streets
10. My City of Ruins

and while I’m at it, here are my top ten from Oslo:

1. The Promise
2. The Promised Land
3. My City of Ruins
4. Streets of Fire
5. The River
6. Johnny 99
7. The Rising
8. Born to Run
9. Born in the USA
10. Two Hearts

The Oslo and Bergen shows were great and very unique and different experiences, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. The first night in Bergen may have been the most loose and fun show, Bergen the second night may have been the best musically and with the most exciting selections of songs, and Oslo may have been the best over all concert with a little bit of everything. I think the audience was better in Bergen, both those concerts was more geared towards a rock’n roll party than the soul revue in Oslo (at least that was what I felt).

The Oslo show didn’t feel longer than Bergen night two even if it was extremely long.

If I was forced to pick a favourite it would be Bergen the second night, but with Oslo and Bergen the first night very close. Thea (my twelve year old daughter) saw her first Springsteen concert in Oslo and that was a great experience, just watching my daughter experiencing Bruce for the first time and remembering the feeling from my first show, great feeling!

- Hallgeir (all photos by me, except for the beerdrinking Egil)

Sorry no pics from Oslo…


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  1. Both shows available on Jungleland/DIME ;)

    • Yeah, I saw that and got’em!
      Thanks for taping them, great job! Especially Bergen the second night had good sound.

      Do you know if the Oslo show was recorded (with OK sound)?

      - Hallgeir

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  3. I didn’t attend Oslo and don’t know if anybody taped it, sorry.

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