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April 24, 2014
by Egil

Today: David Bowie released Diamond Dogs in 1974, 40 years ago

 When this came out in 1974, it was roundly dismissed as Ziggy Stardust’s last strangled gasp. In hindsight, Diamond Dogs is marginally more worthwhile; its resigned nihilism inspired interesting gloom and doom from later goth and industrial acts such as … Continue reading

April 23, 2014
by Egil

Today: The Rolling Stones released Sticky Fingers in 1971

Sticky Fingers was never meant to be the title. It’s just what we called it while we were working on it. Usually though, the working titles stick. ~Keith Richards 1971 – While many hold their next album, Exile On Main … Continue reading

April 22, 2014
by Egil

Today: The late Charles Mingus was born in 1922 – 92 years ago

 Just because I’m playing jazz I don’t forget about me. I play or write me the way I feel through jazz, or whatever. Music is, or was, a language of the emotions. ~Charles Mingus – Irascible, demanding, bullying, and probably … Continue reading

April 20, 2014
by Hallgeir

Today: Johnny Shines passed away 22 years ago

    That’s what I am, a Delta blues man. And now I’m considered the king of the Delta blues. ~Johnny Shines (1989 Living Blues Interview) Best known as a traveling companion of Robert Johnson, Johnny Shines’ own contributions to … Continue reading

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