Concert Movies: The Rolling Stones – Some Girls , live in Texas ’78

if the band is lacking in energy it is because we spent all last night fuckin
 * Mick Jagger

It looks like we are getting official releases of many of the most bootlegged concert movies from The Rolling Stones. We got the fantastic Ladies and Gentlemen about a year ago and now we are getting the Fort Worth concert from the Some Girls tour of 1978, hallelujah!

I hope they have just started, they have so many great concerts (and a few documentaries) that I would love to get on blu-ray.

On the top of my wishlist:
LA 1975
Let it bleed (3 disc DVD docu)
Cocksucker Blues
Marquee London 71
Knebworth 1976
Hampton Roads 81
and Paris 1976
…I could go on and on

I think this is their “Anthology” or “Archives” project, they find out what the fans are loving, they upgrade it and release it, fantastic. They are securing their posterity, so to speak.

But, back to the coming release of Some Girls 1978 tour on DVD/Blu-ray. What a gift to all of us, who love The Rolling Stones. This is a good concert, no, this is a GREAT concert. The band is tight and musically very potent. As I did indicate at the start of this article, it is a much bootlegged show. The bootleg album has all the tunes, but the bootleg DVD had only some of the songs. It is still one of the most collectable of the Stones boots on DVD. If you have it, you can now toss it in the bin. You do not need it anymore. The Official release is sooo much better.

The Cover art of the best known boot (at least for me…):


Cover art for the new official release:

From Eagle Vision’s press kit:
The Rolling Stones 1978 tour of the USA in support of that year s Some Girls album is considered by fans to be one of their very best. The tour followed immediately on the release of the Some Girls album and by the time the band arrived in Texas in mid-July the album had hit the No.1 spot on the US charts. The tour took a back to basics approach, with the band and their music very much at the forefront and little or no elaborate staging.

Filmed at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, on 18 July 1978, this concert is typical of the tour with the Rolling Stones delivering a raw, energetic performance in front of a crowd who are clearly loving the show. Many of the tracks from Some Girls are included in the live set with a sprinkling of Stones classics from earlier albums. Originally shot on 16mm film, the footage has been carefully restored and the sound remixed and remastered by Bob Clearmountain from the original multitrack tapes. This is undeniably the Rolling Stones at the peak of their form.

The footage is from 16mm film stock, but the few clips I’ve seen looks very good. Overall the concerts from this tour were not well received, but in hind sight it is tremendous. What we now hear and see are familiar songs from a classic rock’n roll album (with a bit of disco and a bit of punk). What the audience saw at the time where a set that was very strange, possibly alienating and not at all what they came to see. A lot of new unfamiliar tunes and a band with an attitude that was very much a punkrock kind of behaviour. Mick Jagger openly displayed a very cynical, sarcastic, contemptuous and arrogant attitude. In Passaic, New Jersey, Mick Jagger said to the audience, many of whom had paid for top price tickets “Well, we come here to have a good time, I don’t know how much you had to pay tickets, but I didn’t have to pay much”.  Another example is Jagger sporting Vivienne Westood’s famous “Destroy” swastika T-shirt – the same one sported by the Sex Pistols a few months earlier.

The new blu-ray (That I have preordered) has this setlist:

1) Let It Rock
2) All Down The Line
3) Honky Tonk Women
4) Star Star
5) When The Whip Comes Down
6) Beast Of Burden
7) Miss You
8 ) Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
9) Shattered
10) Respectable
11) Far Away Eyes
12) Love In Vain
13) Tumbling Dice
14) Happy
15) Sweet Little Sixteen
16) Brown Sugar
17) Jumpin’ Jack Flash

To my knowledge most of this material has only been available on audio-boots and The Fort Worth concert I once saw had only the first six tracks (and some extra in inferior quality), and even in that form it is considered one of the great Stones concerts. So the saying: Christmas comes early this year, is very true this time!

This is the Stones at their most slutty and sleazy, some say this is the Rolling Stones at their most sloppy and was the reason for their more professional attitude when they toured three years later. I love the sloppy Stones. The concert is near the end of the tour and the set list has no real surprises. The horn section and back up singers that accompanied the band in 1972 and 1975 are gone and the Stones are joined only by Ian Stewart and Ian MacLagan (Small Faces, Faces) on various keyboards and pianos. This is the Stones as a rock and roll band playing intense music. They deliver a blistering set. Seven of the ten songs on Some Girls constitutes the core of the set list (with “Some Girls”, “Lies” and “Before They Make Me Run” being omitted). “Honky Tonk Women” has a reference to Dallas which makes the audience happy..

I’m really looking forward seeing “Miss You” in remastered quality. The Stones’ disco flirt is one my favourite Rolling Stones tracks. On this tour they played the 12″ extended version and the track often lasted for eight minutes or more with several instrumental interludes. I hope this is the version we are getting to see.

And, yes,  Mick utters the famous line:
“if the band is lacking in energy it is because they spent all night fucking…but we’ll do our best.”

It will be released worldwide November 21. I can hardly wait.

A new interview with Sir Mick Jagger shot in August 2011 where he introduces the concert and offers an insight into its significance in the band’s history.

Mick Jagger says:

Fort Worth was an amazing night in a blistering hot July. Watching it now, the band were really intense and focused, but we were also having a blast with the fans who were really getting into the show and the new tracks from Some Girls.  I think our fans will love the chance to see this concert movie for the first time on the big screen.

– Hallgeir

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