Free Music: Rosie Thomas – These Friends of Mine + “Where Was I”

While we are waiting for the new album (out 14th of February) from Rosie Thomas we may shorten the wait with her album from 2007, These Friends of Mine.

From Noisetrade:

One night in suburban Detroit, a twelve-year-old Rosie Thomas lay sleepless in her bed, obsessively dwelling on what she perceived to be her lack of life purpose. Then, well after 2 AM, it suddenly hit her. She sprung out of bed and raced down the hall. “Daddy, Daddy, I know what my mission in life is,” Rosie exclaimed, poking her father. “I just want to entertain people.” After 3 albums on Sub Pop, These Friends of Mine was release through her own lable, Sing-A-Long Records. The album includes appearances by friends Sufjan Stevens, Damien Jurado, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), and Denison Witmer.  On February 14, 2012, Rosie will release her first full-length record in four years, With Love. Thomas makes her return to the studio with a band featuring David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Blake Wescott (Damien Jurado), brother Brian Thomas, Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) and Jenn Wood (The Postal Service).

These Dreams Of Mine is a lovely quiet album, with an exceptional version of REM’s masterpiece, “The One I Love”, worth the download alone!

The record has an immediate feel that is very apparent in a song like  “Why Waste More Time?”, a duet with Sufjan Stevens recorded right after she wrote it in his kitchen. She also duets with Stevens on “Much Farther To Go” and it is just…so very good.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” is given new life in this sparse  interpretation, it is so lovely you could cry.

She is given away the album for free, via Noisetrade. There shouldn’t be any doubt, start downloading (and if you can afford it or you think it’s worth it you can give the artist a tip, you decide the amount)

Oh Yes, she has included a bonus track,“Where Was I” in the download package as well, what a lovely present!

– Hallgeir


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