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Video of the day: The Illinois Enema Bandit – Frank Zappa

Love this bluesy song, and what a soulful performance on  vocal from Ray White!

It’s around 9 and a half minute, but worth every second. And Frank let it rip in a fantastic solo:

The band:
Frank Zappa – lead guitar, lead vocals, band leader
Ray White – rhythm guitar, vocals
Steve Vai – guitar, sitar
Tommy Mars – keyboards
Robert Martin – keyboards, tenor saxophone, vocals
Ed Mann – percussion
Scott Thunes – bass
Chad Wackerman – drums
- Hallgeir

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  1. The fact that the lyrics were based on a true story about a guy who attacked “college educated women” and administered enemas to them, but eventually were convicted of armed robbery, since it was not against the law to give enemas to people against their will, just adds value to the song. See Wikipedia for more info on Michael H. Kenyon.

    Another nice version from Paris 1980, with another great FZ guitar solo and frenetic bass playing by Arthur Barrow:

  2. This is my favorite artist.

    • I know, Jarle told me years ago, I like a lot of what he does. But sometimes he is “too far out”, just too special for me.

      - Hallgeir