Kaizers Orchestra’s best songs according to Hallgeir

Photo taken by me, when Kaizers performed Violeta Violeta Vol.2 in its entirety (Oya festival 2011), the best I’ve ever seen Kaizers Orchestra.

I’ve seen Kaizers Orchestra live 6 times (so I’m not the most fanatical follower) and even if I do not consider them the best live act in Norway I think they are in the top3. But Egil (my fellow Johannasvisionaire) has asked me to respond to his post about Kaizers with my own list. I will do a song list.

Kaizers Orchestra top 5:

1. 170  –  Ompa til du dør (2001)
2. Maestro – Maestro (2005)
3. Philemon Arthur & The Dung – Violeta Violeta Vol.1 (2011)
4. Drøm Videre Violetta – Violeta Violeta Vol.2 (2011)
5. Hjerteknuser – Violeta Violeta Vol.1 (2011)

Spotify link to Kaizers Orchestra’s top 5

– Hallgeir


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