Video of the day: 18 wheels of love – The Drive-by Truckers

Not a new picture of DBT, but todays video is not new either…

There are only two other bands in the same divison as Drive-by Truckers these days, Wilco and My Morning jacket, The Holy fuckin trininty!

Today we have chosen a live version (with a great intro of course) from the summer of 2006, Richmond:

DBT 2006 lineup:
Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, John Neff, The Ezy B and Shonna Tucker.

On January 1, 2006 the city of Richmond,VA was devastated by the murder of the Harvey Family. It was particularly staggering for the DBT community of Richmond to lose such dear friends. As I’m sure you’re all aware, “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” was inspired by the events. Fast forward to July. The band is opening for the Black Crowes and are itching to play a real rock show. A benefit is planned for the Harvey Family which also coincides with the 25th anniversary of Plan 9 Records. So on July 13, something beyond your wildest imagination takes place. DBT plays a full rock show in a record store. On that night, Mark Lynn put together yet another incarnation of Team Richmond, and documented the event on video with 3 cameras. Here is that once in a lifetime magical night.

Thanks to the generosity of many, this historic documentation is being made available. The Harvey Family Memorial Endowment is active. We are asking that anyone who downloads this to consider making a donation

“At the request of family and friends, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia has created the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment. The Fund is established in memory of Bryan, Kathryn, Stella and Ruby Harvey and will be advised by a committee of their family and friends. Bryan and Kathryn shared a love of music and art, and they were known to their family and friends as kind and generous people. Thus, it is appropriate that the purpose of the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment is to provide music, visual art and performing arts enrichment in the Richmond area, which may include but is not limited to educational scholarships.”

– youtube

– Hallgeir

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