The Waterboys – Three songs, Three periods

I’ve seen Waterboys many times live, more than six, less than ten, they have always been from good to great. Tonight I’ll be seeing them again.

I’ve chosen three songs from a Rockpalast concert, 2007, ¬†to show a bit of what The Waterboys is about. They are songs from three periods of Mike Scott’s different incarnations of the band. Very differnt, but all good.

We start of with some “big music” from the first great period, The Whole of the moon:

Then Mike took the band in a folksy direction on a few records, I’ve picked Fisherman’s Blues from that period (my favourite period):

Last I’ve chosen Glastonbury Song from a few years back, great song!

Tonight they will perform songs from their latest album, An Appointment with Mr. Yeats, but hopefuly also some of their loved songs from earlier in their varied carreer.

Spotify link to An Appointment With Mr. Yeats








– Hallgeir



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